Prom nights, corporate events, meetings

In Blue Bird everything is possible. The impossible just takes longer.

Flexible time (we can be open any time for you)
Whole club can be rented
Set menu for the big groups
5 private rooms with different designs and features
Huge range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
Cold and hot dishes are available
(min 48 hours in advance)
Professional sound system
Special “call a waiter” button for immediate service

Personal Ipad with access to 54000 songs

Songs in 10 different languages
Xbox, board games, Sport TV broadcast
Photographer and videographer
 Selfie-mirror, Instagram machines and other fun equipment

DJ, bartender, hostess girls

Additional services

Entertainment services that

are suitable for your party

Interior decoration

The original design of your party

18200 HUF

≈ 65€

Photo booth / mirror

or Polaroid camera

28000 HUF

≈ 100€

Photo / Videographer

Professional photo or video of your event

28000 HUF

≈ 100€

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