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Do you want to spend perfect time with your company away from prying eyes?

We offer you to order one of our 5 luxurious Blue Bird Karaoke Rooms. There are Gatsby room in style Art-Deco, Comics room in Pop Art style, Iceberg room, Reggae room and Space room. 

Each Karaoke room is executed in different design style and equipped with professional stereo and karaoke system with more than 54.000 musical hits for every taste. 

The capacity of the rooms is up to the 50 people, so you`re able to organize self-sufficient private event. One of the room on your choice can become a perfect place for your live sport events, company night, corporate party, presentations, different meetings, awards night or birthday party. 

You`ll get all-inclusive services and original way of spending time. The advantage of our rooms is that they are completely private. Nobody can`t disturb you or make you feel uncomfortable. You can dance, sing favorite songs, laugh and shout as loudly as you want, enjoy cocktails and order your own program of the event. 

In Blue Bird Karaoke Rooms you can do anything and even more! 

With Blue Bird Karaoke Rooms you have a huge choice of organizing exclusive private events, which can become the best in Budapest. Private dance show, Live sport events, Company night, Presentations, Meetings, Company party, Awards night

Additional services

Entertainment services that

are suitable for your party

Interior decoration

The original design of your party

18200 HUF

≈ 65€

Photo booth / mirror

or Polaroid camera

28000 HUF

≈ 100€

Photo / Videographer

Professional photo or video of your event

28000 HUF

≈ 100€

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