Birthday party

in private rooms

BIRTHDAY`S ONLY ONCE A YEAR, so you should to make this day a special one!

We know how to bring you unforgettable experiences and organize incredible birthday party. Just choose one of our Blue Bird Karaoke Rooms and enjoy the moment! 5 luxurious Blue Bird Karaoke Rooms offer you to realize extraordinary birthday event with singing karaoke, dancing under accompaniment chic music and spending perfect time with your company away from prying eyes.


You have a chance to order own type of entertainment with DJ, Bartender, Hostess girls and even male or female strip.



According to your desires, we`ll complete the original menu and draw up an individual event script! 



Dazzling display colors, loud music and light rays of the rooms will take you away from reality and immerse you in special atmosphere regardless time day!

Just order one of Blue Bird Karaoke Rooms and get ready for the best birthday party in Budapest!

Additional services

Entertainment services that

are suitable for your party

Interior decoration

The original design of your party

18200 HUF

≈ 65€

Photo booth / mirror

or Polaroid camera

28000 HUF

≈ 100€

Photo / Videographer

Professional photo or video of your event

28000 HUF

≈ 100€

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